Alecia Stevens Interiors


"You are so easy to work with! After the many designers I’ve attempted to work with, none have come close to your organization and desire to find exactly what I love!"
Alesia Ross
"We love it, Alecia. You did an amazing job! ♥"
Clayton Halunen, Halunen Law
"Wondering if there’s any residual ear ringing after my Thursday night gathering? The gang had their jaws at their knees as they looked through our home. Most walked through every room and were seriously stunned at the beauty and quality of the house. 'Most Beautiful home I’ve ever been in', 'I love every room', 'Stunning Home'. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
Brigit Weberg, New York City and Aspen (From email to Alecia, architect Nate McBride and landscape designer Hilary Finn)
"Clients initially collaborate with designers because they share, at least directionally, a similar sense of style and presence and as a designer, Alecia's work stands on its own. I think the beauty of working with her - actually, one of many - is that after all the conversations are had and nudges given over a finished product, it's her mark that leaves an impression on a space but she's completely content in letting us think like we were the ones who made it happen."
- Nick Brown, Minneapolis
"What a complete pleasure it is to work with Alecia! She is that rare combination of visionary and collaborator and she makes working together a uniquely compelling and gratifying personal and professional experience."
- Nate McBride, McBride Architects, New York, NY
"We had family at the S(an) F(rancisco) house for a long weekend. They could not stop RAVING about the house. They la la love it...They were gobsmacked at how lovely everything is!... I could go on and on...but I just want to thank you all for your great work."
- Lorie and George Halvorson, Minneapolis and San Francisco (From email to Alecia and architect, Jean Rehkamp)