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Alecia Stevens' instincts for elegance, style and comfort can be seen here in a few selected projects. She displays an enduring reverence for the traditional past while making each home live as comfortable and modern. She is especially known for bringing unique, one-of-a-kind resources to her projects, harnessing the best of her trusted relationships with antique dealers, furniture manufacturers and artists from her happily itinerant life in Charleston, New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and, on occasion, Europe.

Alecia offers full-service residential interior design and is known for interiors that look like they have grown up over time, like people. She brings years of cross-pollinated design experience from the worlds of fashion and theatre design, high-end women’s retail, journalism and photo styling. She takes a limited number of projects each year, personally selecting each piece for her clients while working with a small team of assistants to keep projects moving.

"I like to push my clients just enough that they grow into their homes, not out of them."
Alecia Stevens

I'm with her.

Widney Pierson Cupstid, Senior Designer and Project Manager

We’ve worked together since 2020. Something akin to daughter, sister, and friend, she is the orderly side of my brain, whipping out a CAD drawing on the spot, and finding the lighting schedule buried deep in Dropbox. she both knows when it’s time to step back and let me lead and when it’s time to shine – to express her sense of the moment. How rare to find a colleague half your age who has what it takes to manage our sophisticated, savvy clients with confidence, sensitivity, restraint, professionalism, good taste, enthusiasm and, when required, humor.

Widney has a degree in Business from UT Austin and a Masters of Interior Design from Corcoran in D.C. She has five years of experience in the construction industry and four years of experience working as an assistant Designer and Project manager for high end design firms.

Alecia Stevens
Widney (right)

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